Finally diving in.

With this first blog, I want to raise awareness onto an amazing organization, albeit not well know to the general public: Humanity & Inclusion

HI was founded in 1982, and with its eight global offices, now manages over 341 programs in 59 countries.  Through campaign events and lobbying, these teams alert the public and politicians to the emergencies, needs and humanitarian crimes that their teams witness in the field.

This network also provides critical fundraising to ensure HI can help the world’s most vulnerable.

I have a favor to ask:  help me raise awareness and encourage donations

I have joined as a professional in the network marketing industry a few years ago. This industry has noticeably raised my awareness of the power of giving back to those in needs.  I frequently witnessed how the actions of a single given individual made a huge impact.  I have thus started giving my time back as a benevolent individual and contributed to more charity fundraising campaigns.

In that spirit, I want to further my contribution to those in needs.  I decided to support HI in their fundraising campaigns, specifically for the Kakuma project.  With an overall fundraising objective of 101 186 $ by June 30h, 2018 (23 751 $ raised so far), my goal, with your help and the help of your network, is to raise an amount of 5 000 $Please help me make a difference by donating now.

On behalf of the Kakuma project team, I thank you in advance a thousand times.  Share on your social media platforms by using the sharing icons below.  Awareness is crucial in fundraising activities and every additional dollar received counts!  Please use this link to learn more about HI’s role, mission and the Kakuma project.

The actual Camp.                                                The future Camp.