“One of my biggest advantage in life is that I can help people because I own my time!”


Her Mission:

Empowerment and Freedom for all

Her Background

A fully bilingual former Human Resources Executive with over 30 years of experience with a major portion at the International level, a passion for People and Personal Development, a Leadership Coach and a Professional Networker, Sylvie redefined herself as the possibility of Empowerment and Freedom for all.   She coaches, teaches and helps people like you better themselves, achieve time and money freedom and create a life by design for themselves.

Curious by nature, eager to learn and continuously developing herself, Sylvie is known for being results oriented and delivering to the highest standards.  Her thirst for knowledge and willingness to help in every way she can make her an amazing resource to tap into.

What she offers

An avid technology geek, Sylvie leverages her experience and expertise, technology, processes and the power of Online and MLM businesses to support the people in her inner circle in reaching their goals and building a successful business.  Can there be a better way to earn a living than by helping others achieve their goals and dreams?   She doesn’t think so:  the more people she helps become successful, the more successful she becomes herself.

Feeling Grateful and Blessed

Full of gratitude and blessing, Sylvie’s success allows her to travel regularly to places she loves where she does her best to bless others and supports local people creating a better life for themselves.

How to reach Sylvie

You can reach Sylvie by email at sylvie.plante@createalifebydesign.com or by phone at +1 (514) 992-9157 (Canada) or +1 (805) 231-3014 (USA); both on WhatsApp or through WeChat (SPGYUL).


Spending amazing quality time in Cancun, Mexico with my beautiful goddaughter!

Precious time!


“All things of value need not be sold but need to be shared.” – Mr. Byron Nelson




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