The Montréal Matrix is a division of the Matrix Group led by Mr. Byron Nelson.  It stands for:  Making A Team Realizes Its eXpectations.  It is truly an honour and a privilege to be part of his inner circle and be coached and mentored by such an inspiring man.

Mr. Byron Nelson

Mr. Byron Nelson, Platinum Regional Vice President and Presidents’ Club member is the founding leader of The Matrix Group.  He is a self-made millionaire who has dedicated the past 15 years of his life to truly helping others reach their financial goals.  He’s built massive teams all across the world including: The United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and now Canada.

Mr. Nelson has developed organizations in which many individuals have been able to generate five and six figures income per month residually and thousands more have become financially free.  He is now building a new wave of leadership for those who truly are ready to change their financial future.

Necker Island

Please watch this interview of Mr. Nelson on Necker Island while visiting Sir Richard Branson.

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